Competitive Team Contact

The following King United Soccer Club Competitive teams train during the indoor season and play during the outdoor season. If you are interested in more information on any of these teams, please contact the coaches/managers listed below.

Thank you for considering King United Soccer Club as your home for competitive soccer.


Coach/Manager Team Play Level  Email

Frank Da Costa (Trainer)

2011 Girls Royals


Alessia Boem (Coach)

Linda Lupo (Manager)

2010 Girls Royals


Elaina Mirarchi (Coach)

Steven De Melis (Manager)

2009 Girls Royals


Emile Marino (Coach)

Natalie Colarossi-Marcelli (Manager)

2008 Girls Royals


Remzi Veli (Coach)

Franca Frano (Manager)

2007 Girls Royals


George Grignano (Coach)

Paul Racco (Manager)

2006 Girls Royals


Kirk Markle (Coach)
2004 Girls Royals YRSL

Paul Racco (Coach)

Rose Hatzissauvas (Manager)

2003 Girls Royals CSL

Jack Zomparelli (Coach)

Louise Worthy (Manager)

2002 Girls Royals CSL

Kevin Tierney (Coach)

Tony Arone (Manager)

2002 Girls United YRSL

Johnny Borsellino (Coach)

Sonia Passacquale (Manager)

 2001 Girls Royals



Mike Nelson (Coach)

Liz Murphy (Manager)

2001 Girls United CSL

Robert Masutti (Coach)

Christine Cairns (Manager)

2000 Girls Royals CSL

Dan Logan (Coach)

Gianni DeGasperis (Manager)

King City Womens 


Provincial Open Women



Coach/Manager Teams Level of Play  Email

Giovanni Spagnolo (Coach)

Patty Niro (Manager)

2010 Boys Royals YRSL

Frank Da Costa (Trainer)

2010 & 2011 Royals YRSL

Frank da Costa (Coach)

Andrea Montemarano (Manager)

Sandra Fuschino (Manager)

2009 Boys Royals YRSL

Mazen Tannir (Coach)

Christine Ferretti (Manager)

Melissa Sebastiano (Manager)

2008 Boys Royals YRSL

Aldo Garcia (Coach)

Patty Niro (Manager)

2007 Boys Royals YRSL

Rob Anderson (Coach)

James Nathan (Manager)

2007 Boys United YRSL

Vince Mirarchi (Coach)

Patty Niro (Manager)

2006 Boys Royals YRSL

John Melillo (Coach)

Maurizio Porrovecchio (Manager)

2005 Boys Royals YRSL

Anthony Niro (Coach)

Rosanna Stallard (Manager)

2004 Boys Royals YRSL

Mike Valenti (Coach)

Krzysztof Figlarz (Manager)

2003 Boys Royals CSL

Mauro Caravella (Coach)

Natalie Commisso (Manager)

2002 Boys Royals CSL

Giancarlo Di Prospero (Coach)

Greg Winter (Manager)

2002 Boys United YRSL

Carlo Rivas Jr (Coach)

Karim Jadavji (Manager)

2001 Boys Royals CSL

Johnny Borsellino (Coach)

Lia Collura (Manager)

2000 Boys Royals OYSL