U21 Girls Divison

King United Soccer Club U21G Intertown League Information Page


Welcome to KUSC U21G Intertown League. We are looking forward to the exciting 2019 Season. Everyone will receive equal playing time, and all players should be encouraged to play every position. Learn to develop new skills, and play within the team environment.

We encourage all parents and coaches to check this page often for important updates throughout the season about policies, training material, resources, and schedules.

If you still have any questions please contact Ilya at admin@kingunitedsc.com. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response for non-urgent matters especially during the season startup. We appreciate your patience.


Information about the League (U21) 

Pre-season and balancing tentatively: start on May 13th  (all effort will be made to make the team balanced, and honor the friend requests)

Uniform Distribution: Club will provide jersey, shorts, and socks in the first 2 weeks

(Bring your own jersey, shorts, socks for the first few sessions)

All players must have shin pads and outdoor soccer shoes in order to participate. No jewelry or electronic devices are allowed on the field. Please ensure to bring enough water for your child during all games and practices, as it is important for the children to stay hydrated. 

Season: Games will start the Week of May 27 and will finish on August 15th.

Opening Weekend: May 25-26 (2 games at Richmond Hill (Schedules and Times TBD) 

The Year End Tournament is on August 17-18 in Markham (Schedules and Locations TBD)

Format of Play: 11v11 (including Goal Keeper)

Duration of Game: 2 halves x 40 minutes (5-minute break), Start Time: 7 pm or 9 pm (August Start Time: 6:30 pm)

Practices: 50-55 min, Start Time: 7 pm or 9 pm (August Start Time: 6:30 pm)

Please show respect towards referees at all times during the season


U21Girls Game Night: Mondays   


Practice: Wednesday

KUSC Every Wednesday  7:00 PM King City Secondary School East 


GAME SCHEDULE: Monday Nights 

Home  Away Date Time Location 
KUSC  RHSC Raiders 1-White BMO July 8, 2019 19:00 Villanova College North
RHSC Raiders 3-Gold BMO KUSC  July 15, 2019 19:00 Headwaters Park
KUSC  HighFive Photograph - U18G July 22, 2019 19:00 Villanova College North
KUSC  MSC Team Yellow July 29, 2019 19:00 Villanova College North
KUSC  RHSC Raiders 2-Forest BMO August 12, 2019 19:00 Villanova College North



Policies and Resources (coming up shortly)

Make sure you are aware of the following policies and resources for the best experience during the summer


Code of Conduct for Players, Coaches, Spectators

Players Equipment as per FIFA Laws of the Game

Weather Policy and Severe Weather (Games/Practice Cancellations)

Tobacco Free Policy

Respect Policy

Zero Tolerance and Harassment Policy