U21 Girls Divison

King United Soccer Club U21G Intertown League Information Page


Intertown End of the Season Schedule: 

Saturday, August 17 

2 x 25 minutes halves 

Home  Away Time FIELD
Markham EGSC  10:30 am Mt.Joy Turf 
KUSC RHSC   10:30 am  Br.Andre A
Woodbridge KNSC  10:30 am Br.Andre B
KNSC  KUSC   12:30 pm  Mt.Joy Turf 
Woodbridge  Markham  12:30 pm  Br.Andre A
RHSC  EGSC 12:30 pm   Br.Andre B 
EGSC Woodbridge 2:30 pm  Mt.Joy Turf 
KNSC   RHSC  2:30 pm   Br.Andre A 
Markham KUSC 2:30 pm  Br.Andre B


Sunday, August 18 

2 x 35 minutes halves 


Home  Away Time Location 
KNSC Chelsea Woodbridge  9am  Br.Andre B
MSC Team Yellow KUSC  9am Mt.Joy Turf 
Loser of SF #1  Loser of SF#2 12 pm  Bronze Medal - Br.Andre A 
Winner of SF #1  Winner of SF#2 12 pm  Gold Medal - Mt.Joy Turf 


U21Girls Game Night: Mondays   


Practice: Wednesday

KUSC Every Wednesday  7:00 PM King City Secondary School East 


GAME SCHEDULE: Monday Nights 

Home  Away Date Time Location 
KUSC  RHSC Raiders 2-Forest BMO August 12, 2019 19:00 Villanova College North



Policies and Resources (coming up shortly)

Make sure you are aware of the following policies and resources for the best experience during the summer


Code of Conduct for Players, Coaches, Spectators

Players Equipment as per FIFA Laws of the Game

Weather Policy and Severe Weather (Games/Practice Cancellations)

Tobacco Free Policy

Respect Policy

Zero Tolerance and Harassment Policy